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HDTV Game of the Week: Black


It's old -school week here at HD Beat, with no Xbox 360 titles debuting we'll take it back to EDTV with a new release for Xbox and PS2, Criterion's Black. This is a shooter in the purest sense of the word. Don't worry about the story, complex enemy AI or online multiplayer here, just blow stuff up. And when it looks this good that is not a bad thing at all.

With an 80 on Metacritic, Black is generally getting positive reviews, with the only weak points being the lack of multiplayer and short length (7-9 hours), but I've seen it running and man is it a ride. If you're thinking about going to see Ultraviolet this weekend, then Black is probably a game you will enjoy, even if you only rent it.

Next week 720p and 1080i are back with Criterion's other game Burnout Revenge, and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, both for the Xbox 360. Still no new PS3 trailers but we'll keep an eye out, and hit the tips link if you find any.

BlackHigh definition trailers & screens this week:

99 Nights (video)
Stranglehold (screens)
Dead Rising (XBLM)
Ghost Recon (XBLM)
Burnout (XBLM)

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