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ilovebees is back -- or is it?


The infamous viral marketing campaign has resurfaced. However, it's doubtful that this new site will reveal any information pertaining to Halo 3 or for that matter, any upcoming Bungie title. "ilovebees2" features a black screen with lines of random letters, numbers, and symbols. There's also a timer that is counting down to the end of March—or, the beginning of April (also known as April Fool's Day)—and a 12-second audio loop that sorta sounds like a subway train. Most striking is an image that's partially carved out of by the lines of gibberish. IGN draws an interesting comparison between this image and one used to publicize Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. In addition, the ilovebees2 link has been tagged with the word "nonexistence" (a synonym for "oblivion").

IGN also points to several hidden phrases scattered throughout the page, including, "Hello?Is this message getting through?please help its dark and I cannot find a way out they are coming." And if you click the timer, you'll jump to a page with the words "nonexistence, nothing, nowhere, nullity, obscurity, out there, void," followed by "FOUR OH FOUR PAGE." Since Oblivion is now set for release on March 20 and the ilovebees2 timer doesn't expire until April 1, it's hard to believe that Bethseda, 2K Games, or Microsoft has commissioned the site. Any bright ideas?

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