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Orange signs Sony Ericsson, Christina Aguilera

Evan Blass

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Sultry songstress Christina Aguilera has signed on to shill for Orange Europe as part of their campaign to market Sony Ericsson's candybar W810i and clamshell W300i Walkman phones. The deal with SE gives Orange exclusive rights to a European rollout of these handsets -- both quad-band GSM/EDGE models -- with the W810i's 2.0 megapixel camera giving it the edge in terms of feature sets. Aguilera, who like the Walkman mobiles is part of the Sony family (she records for Sony BMG), will provide Orange and its customers with exclusive content such as ringtones, song downloads, remixes, and videos, available on the Orange World site. No word yet on when the SE mediaphones will be available, how many euros they will set you back, or the level of nudity we can expect in Aguilera's Orange commercials.

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