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Verizon's HTC Apache, the XV6700, reviewed

Evan Blass

Those of you who already own Sprint's version of the HTC Apache, the Audiovox UT Starcomm PPC-6700, will no doubt feel a bit smug when reading how PC Mag suggests that Verizon's crippled version of this WM5 smartphone "should send power users running to Sprint." Besides its black facade, the XV6700 is mostly identical to the PPC-6700 (416MHz Intel XScale, 64MB RAM/ 128MB flash ROM, EV-DO, WiFi, Bluetooth, 1.3 megapixel cam, QVGA display), but two key Verizon-specific differences should make you think twice before choosing this handset. First, unlike Sprint, Verizon does not allow the phone to utilize WiFi and cellular at the same time, meaning that you actually have to switch off the cellular radio if you're at a hotspot, and thus can't receive calls while pulling data packets. Not that you'll be pulling many of those packets in the first place -- Verizon charges more for 10MB of EV-DO usage ($25) than Sprint charges for unlimited transfers($15) -- and forget about Bluetooth DUN, because the big V doesn't offer a modem plan for this model.

Update: Make sure to check out the comments for a not-condoned-by-us workaround that promises to thwart Verizon's nefarious anti-WiFi agenda.

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