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Front Row remote: "sophisticated simplicity"

David Chartier

Michael Greeson has written an article for Designtechnica purporting to see Apple's future in digital home media simply by analyzing their famously minimal 6-button Front Row remote and the new Mac minis. While it might sound like quite the leap, he's written a great article that gives some serious credit where credit is due in terms of the remote's wild departure from the accepted design norm. Dubbing a philosophy of "sophisticated simplicity," Michael believes many of Apple's careful design choices in products like the Mac mini, the iPod and this remote are finally striking the right chord with consumers who are tired of products with so many buttons and features that they're nearly indiscernible from an airline pilot's control panel.

The article is a nice homage to Apple's design ideals, and I for one am glad to see someone appreciating Apple for what the company and their products are really worth, above and beyond the typical "hey there's no viruses" or "wow this iPod's great." Check it out.

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