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OLPC $100 laptop shown in final form?


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We haven't been hearing too much out of the OLPC camp for a while, but they've been peddling their green "concept design" for long enough that we had begun to get used to it. Well, we still can't know for sure, but according to Martin Varsavsky, who has recently met with project head Nicholas Negroponte, the pictures above are of the "winning design." We're not quite sure what he means by that, and we're not even sure which one of these two designs is supposedly destined for production, or if both are, but they do match up fairly well to most of the $100 laptop specs. We're also unclear on whether the fabled hand crank is present on either design, but we do know that they hadn't worked out all the technicalities of that part, so maybe it got the kibosh for the "final" version -- if that is what we're really looking at.

[Via Gizmologia]

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