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Sweet deal on upgrade to Universal version of Final Cut Studio

Jan Kabili

Apple is offering a deal on the Universal version of Final Cut Studio that could save you big bucks. If you have a standalone version of either Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, Motion, or DVD Studio Pro, you can exchange your disk and a relatively small amount of cash for the Universal version of the complete Final Cut Studio package.

Final Cut Studio includes all four of those professional apps--a package that would normally run you $1299.  If, for example, you have Final Cut Pro 4 or HD (4.5), you can upgrade to the whole Studio for $199. If you have Final Cut Pro 5 you can upgrade for just $99. The magnitude of those discounts puts Final Cut Studio in the ballpark for some of us who were making due with one of the apps, but had not considered purchasing the expensive Studio package.

The deal varies depending on which standalone app or package you already own (or can get your hands on). You can find all the permutations here at the Apple site. If you're not sure if your version is included in the promotion, check the fine print on the appropriate upgrade form, which you can download from the same page. For example, the fine print on the Final Cut 4 / HD form seems to say that you can participate in the promotion even if your FCP 4 or FCP HD standalone disk is an academic version or an upgrade disk. There are also crossgrades from Logic Pro 7, Logic Pro Express, and Final Cut Studio Pro, but this promotion does not cover Final Cut Express or Shake.

You may have have shied away from these expensive professional apps in the past, but if you're interested in joining the podcast / vodcast craze this promotion may be your ticket. The catch is that you have to send in your old disk. Now if you could just remember where you stashed it.

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