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Higher capacity 50GB EVD / VMD at CeBIT

Ryan Block, @ryan

We can't and don't always expect segments of the Asian market to follow suit with the goings on of the western tech world (see TD-SCDMA, for on example), so for some "viable" alternatives to HD DVD and Blu-ray, see EVD and VMD: the Enhanced Versatile Disc and Versatile Multilayer Disc. Medium Enterprises claims to have bumped up EVD to 50GB capacities now after their majority purchase of Beijing E-World Technology and putting in hours with VMD's R&D department. What's this mean for your average Chinese consumer? 1080 high def video in a red-laser player box costing about $150, or so they claim; definitely "good enough" to compete in the Chinese market, and perhaps even abroad. NME should have a box ready to show off at CeBIT, which can't wait to see for ourselves.

[Via HD Beat]

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