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BigDog's little companion, the spunky RHex

Evan Blass

From the same folks who brought us BigDog, future pack hound for, and best friend to, soldiers worldwide, comes another bot named RHex that can scurry ahead of its lumbering big brother and relay front and rear video up back to their common masters up to 600 meters away. Not only can six-clawed RHex tear it up on all kinds of rough terrain like rock fields, sand, and railroad tracks, manufacturer Boston Dynamics states that its sealed body actually allows it to "swim on the surface or dive underwater"- a claim that might seem dubious had Uncle Sam not given the big thumbs up in independent testing. Although clearly aimed at military customers, BD casually suggests that you "drop us an email for information on getting your own RHex," making us wonder what clever uses our industrious readers could envision for the little critter...

[Thanks, distantbody]

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