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Intel UMPC details begin to emerge -- products coming on 9th


So, today is March 9th March 7th, the day Intel will take the wraps off their UMPC platform at the IDF in San Francisco. That UMPC forum slug we saw yesterday is now officially active on Intel's site with more deets, including this nugget: "check back on March 9, 2006 to learn about products in action." Yeah, that's the day that Microsoft will announce Origami. And as astute reader Francesco points out, the source for Intel's page also reveals further hidden Origami linkage in the way of a yet-to-be-activated link. Now, even if those aesthetically challenged pictures of that supposed Origami device we saw yesterday are the real deal, keep in mind that if indeed Origami is just a UMPC device like we speculated before, then several manufacturers should be in line with product. After all, Intel's site says "products" not "product." So if what we heard before is true, then we'll first see devices running XP Tablet, then later in the year possibly running Vista on an ultra-lower-powered device capable of about 8-hours of continuous operation. Either way, we'll be in attendance for Intel and Samsung's CeBIT press conferences on the 9th just in case they are indeed the guts within Origami. Of course there are still some missing pieces to the puzzle, but the speculation is all kinda making sense, eh?

[Thanks, Francesco]

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