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MovieBeam powered by IPTV technology

Ben Drawbaugh

Huh is right! What is going on here? When I first started to read this press release for technical details it sounded exactly like a press release: boring. Then I started to get into the details of the technology.

It turns out that a company named SkyStream owns the technology named zBand that powers the MovieBeam network; we aren't surprised that MovieBeam didn't devise the technology, but what we do find surprising is that they company touts support for many mediums including the Internet. Their VOD technology is built with high error correction and specifically built for low bandwidth, low throughput networks. Unfortunately, they also brag about their DRM, which is no surprise considering that HDMI is required for MovieBeam's HD movies. We'll be watching this closely to see who else licenses this technology to bring us HD movie rentals. It shouldn't be long till someone offers a similar service for our Windows Media Center PCs.

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