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Nintendo WiFi surpasses 1 million players

Ross Miller

Nintendo has just sent us a press release lauding its latest acheivement in the realm of online gaming, and it is a pretty big milestone, indeed. As of this morning, Nintendo's WiFi service logged its 1 millionth unique gamer--not bad for a service less than four months old with only 3 games currently supported.

The count currently rests at 1,000,256 players, with 26,505,275 connections having been made. Those numbers are sure to get a major boost on March 20th, when Nintendo adds two more WiFi-enabled titles, Tetris DS and Metroid Prime Hunters (the latter allowing voice chat). In April, Nintendo will launch its 6th online title, Lost Magic.

Congratulations, Nintendo!

[Thanks for the heads up, JonathanEx]

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