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Video of DS Lite's eyeball-melting display

Cabel, co-founder of "shockingly good" Mac software group Panic--who also (pointedly) make those awesome Namco-licensed We Love Katamari shirts--recently got his very lucky hands on an imported DS Lite. He was so wowed by the screen's brightness, he made a video and shared it with us.

After praising the screen's color and impressive viewing angle, Cabel narrates, "The real kicker here is that this thing is not even at its brightest level. You can take it to a higher level, at which point it demolishes the old system. And you can even take it to a higher level at which point using the DS Lite might kill you [emphasis his]! The screen is undoubtedly amazing..."

Alright Cabel, we get it: you're literally swimming in Katamari t-shirts and you have a DS Lite that is so bright, you can damage your eyes just thinking about it. Some guys have all the fun.

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[Thanks, Cabel]

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