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$20,000 iced, gilded TrekStor i.Beat organix on display at CeBIT

Evan Blass

We're pretty sure that if you're the type of gadgethead into gaudy gilded and/or jewel-encrusted devices, then you probably already have a diamond nano, gold RAmos, or special-edition Samsung MP3 pocket watch for rocking your tunes, but in case the urge the splurge is a more recent development, you may want to consider the bejeweled version of TrekStor's i.Beat organix flash-based DAP for a splashy entrance into the chichi lifestyle. Swiss site Needful Things has come across an 18 karat gold, 63-diamond-sportin' organix that our terrible German (i.e. Babelfish) leads us to believe will be on display at CeBIT- a fitting debut for a project that took some very patient jeweler about 100 hours to complete. It's unclear which version of the organix -- the 512MB or 1GB -- was the lucky beneficiary of such intricate adornment, but it seems safe to speculate that any customer in the market for a $20,000, um, luxury item such as this, probably isn't evaluating storage capacity as part of his/her purchasing decision.

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