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Origami UI on CeBIT web site

Marc Perton

We thought we had today's Origami news covered, especially with our hands-on visit to Samsung's CeBIT booth. But it turns out there's still a little more info out there, courtesy of tomorrow's official CeBIT show daily, which was released to the web today by its time-traveling publisher. According to CeBIT News, the Origami will include a circular virtual keyboard as part of its user interface. The Origami Touch Pack Interface, as the virtual keyboard will be known, is designed for thumb-typing, and is sure to guarantee tons of fingerprints on your Origami display. CeBIT News also confirms that a range of external peripherals will be available for the Samsung Q1, including a GPS unit, DMB TV tuner (which will be internal for units sold in Korea), Bluetooth keyboard and DVD drive. CeBIT News also says that you'll be able to rip DVDs to the hard drive, though we assume that this doesn't include CSS-protected movies.

[Via the Inq]

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