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HD-DVD movies in March?

Ben Drawbaugh

There were a few things that concerned me during the HD-DVD demo yesterday that were also discussed in the comments. Thanks to zombieflanders for providing us with this link to an article over the Video Business Online, it appears that I am not the only one that is concerned with the release of HD-DVD. At this point there are many unanswered questions and we're getting down to the wire with less than 3 weeks.  According to the article there are many concerns about availability and price of the titles to be released with the player. The other thing of concern is that they are still showing a prototype, not a production model. Yesterday the Toshiba representative told me the players would be in stock this month, while the Sound Advice sales manger told me he didn't expect to get any this month. It seems impossible to expect them soon when they can't even demo a production model yet, is this related to the recent AACS issues?

Do you think they are going to pull this off by the end of March? Will the Blu-Ray release that is scheduled for less than 60 days later have the same issues? What good is a player if there are only 3 movies and will you buy one with only 3 movies available?

Thanks zombieflanders!

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