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Logitech MX610 laser mouse takes a jump to the left

Marc Perton

Southpaws looking for the latest in mousing tech no longer have to switch hit or endure wrist-twisting contortions, now that Logitech has announced a left-handed version of the company's MX610 laser mouse. The lefty mouse, due out in April, matches the features of its right-handed sibling, including dedicated buttons for e-mail and IM, volume controls, and four-direction scrolling. And, remarkably, Logitech is pricing the new version at $59.99, the same price the company charges for the righty mouse. Could it be that Guerrino De Luca, the company's left-handed CEO, is behind the egalitarian move? Regardless, we're ready to pre-order this one and toss our wrist splint for good.

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