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Metroid Prime Hunters dishes out "chump points"


An interview on the official Nintendo site with Nintendo Game Designer Rich Vorodi has revealed a couple of important aspects of Metroid Prime: Hunters' online play. Firstly, MP:H features a comprehensive stat tracking style system which counts everything from headshots to how far you've walked in the game. Secondly, in an attempt to counter the bane of every online gamer's life--diconnecting players--MP:H will feature a stat called "Connection Percentage" or "Chump points" that tracks how often you get disconnected.

That gives other players a chance to choose not to play people that repeatedly disconnect before the game even begins. The interview states that you won't get any "Chump points" for losing your connection but we'll believe this when we see it. How the game will be able to tell between a wireless router blowing up and a player taking out the battery because they were losing, we just don't know. With Metroid Prime: Hunters due out on March 20th it's not long until we find out.

[Thanks, Ben Striegel]

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