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MobiVoIP brings VoIP to Palm

Ryan Block, @ryan

PDA and smartphone users on the Palm OS may not have to envy their Skype-enabled Windows Mobile brethren for much longer, once a new VoIP service called mobiVoIP (which claims to even work on 2G data networks) moves out of beta and into general release. Brock at TamsPalm was one of the lucky few to make the beta testing program before it reached the maximum number of participants, and found it to be on par with other VoIP services (i.e. some background static and audio delay), giving the hope of sub-par calling to Palm addicts worldwide. MobiVoIP, developed by the Wisconsin-based MantraGroup,  is similar to Skype in that members can talk to one another for free and pay a reduced rate (compared to cellular or landline options) for calls to regular telephone lines, based on a sliding scale. No word yet on when regular folk will be able to get in on this action, but you can sign up on the mobiVoIP website to get notified the second this product becomes available.

[Via TamsPalm]

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