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Xbox 360 headset: "cheap," "painful," "horrible" sounding. Oh yeah, it eats babies too (Xbox 360 annoyance #015)

Vladimir Cole

The Xbox 360 headset has some issues. Some of these issues are clearly related to the software used to send voice back and forth on the Xbox 360. We figure that Microsoft is using some wonderful new compression technology that allocates less bandwidth to voice so that they can squeeze video data from the upcoming camera through the same pipes.

Some of the problems with the headset are clearly hardware related, however. That's why Xbox 360 user (PS3 fanboy? We can't verify) George Ogan has created the petition we link to here. The points made are solid, so that's why George's petition is getting the linklove.

Matter of fact, this thoughtful petition could very well be one of our Xbox 360 annoyances. Actually, it just became one. Nice work, George.

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