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Charming Kitty Fujifilm Pivi Camera Phone Printer: Kitty's got a new look

Evan Blass

Longtime Engadget readers may be wondering what's become of our curious adult-male obsession with Hello Kitty-themed gadgets, as the adorable little furball hasn't been seen around these pages in a long while. Well fear not, fellow Kitty-lovers, our infatuation has not waned in the least -- we'll continue to bring you HK swag until they pry the Kittyboard from our cold, dead hands -- it's just that we haven't seen any really good feline gear lately that's worth your precious reading time. Until, that is, we spotted the Charming Kitty Fujifilm Pivi Camera Phone Printer, which features our favorite little puss in her new "come hither" pose (think: "Maxim" Barbie), that was designed for slapping her likeness onto racier items like bras and underwear (and mobile gadgets, apparently). The $159 printer itself is nothing to write home about, allowing you to turn your crappy cameraphone shots into crappy Polaroid-like pics through IrDA transfer- but when it comes to Kitty goodies, functionality is never something we pay much mind to.

[Via The Red Ferret]

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