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Consumers are/aren't hot for mobile TV, Part III

Evan Blass

In the last episode of CA/AHFMTV, we opined that that Nokia's recent European survey's "optimistic results could have nothing to do with the fact that Nokia wants to sell people DVB-H handsets," and now here Siemens comes and hits us with some equally "curious" findings. Unlike earlier studies by InSightExpress and IDC, the Siemens poll of 5,300 folks from eight different countries (5,293 from Germany and one each from Brazil, Canada, China, Italy, Russia, South Korea, and the United States, we suspect) indicates that in addition to a high desire for email on-the-go, 59% of people are "interested in" mobile TV. Also rather surprising (at least in light of the non-manufacturer-sponsored studies) is the fact that 62% of survey respondents are itching to download tunes onto their cellphones. This surely isn't the last word on the matter, so stay tuned for the next twist and/or turn in this statistical soap opera, when we may present more numbers that will shock and amaze you.

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