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Game Over: Drakedog's Warlock Videos


Drakedog's warlock PvP videos were immensely popular among visitors to the warlock forums, and would regularly spawn long discussions about the best tactics, gear, and talent specs.  There would be at least a post or two on the topic of Drakedog every day - that is, until the day he deleted his character.  That day there were dozens of posts asking if the video of Drakedog's character being deleted were real, expressing various levels of disbelief, and wondering why he would throw it all away.  Drakedog's flashy goodbye has to make one wonder at what point the game is going to be over for the rest of us.

Well, the infamous final video has recently been posted on Google Video.  If you're curious about the videos that started it all, there are two up on Google Video as well, here and here.  More of Drakedog can be found on - just search for Drakedog.

The caption at the end of the video translates: WoW's not fun anymore.  Tired of 24hour-long honor competitions, sick of endlessly repeating dungeon raids. Seeing my friends leave WoW one by one also was a pain.  Lastly, I'm tired of crying 'EE!!' alone now that my friends left the game. I want some rest.

[via Joystiq]

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