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Garmin intros c510/530, C550 and screenless Mobile 20 with Bluetooth

Evan Blass

Garmin has unveiled three new GPS devices at CeBIT, all intended for in-car use, and two of which sport Bluetooth for interacting with your cellphone. The c510/530 (Europe/North America) and c550 (pictured) are the latest generation of the company's well-received c-series, and both new models feature 3.5-inch QVGA touchscreen displays, a "high-sensitivity" GPS receiver (which we're assuming refers to a SiRF Star III), configurable vehicle icons (focus groups must have been hating on that little triangle), some amount of preloaded content  (expandable via SD), and an anti-theft system with either PIN or -- get this -- location-based codes, where the unit will only turn on if you drive it to a predetermined spot. The c550 adds Bluetooth and a speaker/mic into the mix, allowing it to do double- triple-duty as your in-car hands-free setup with bonus MP3 playback, as well as a traffic receiver integrated into the power cord (also available as part of the c510D/530D deluxe package) and more maps for the Europeans. Even more exciting (from a gadgety perspective, at least) is the upcoming Mobile 20 Bluetooth GPS cradle for Nokia, WinMo, and Treo smartphones (pictured after the break), which performs nav and hands-free duties, as you'd expect, plus some extra fun like SMS integration for texting your coordinates to pals and Garmin Online, which provides a mix of free and pay traffic, weather, and webcam services. (On the down side, it lthough it seems to be BYOMCS: Bring Your Own Memory Card Slot). We know release dates on all three models -- Q2 for the new c's and July for the 20 -- but only the price of the c550, which will set you back exactly $857.13.

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