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Is the March update bricking 360s?

Apparently that mysterious update last week did more than prepare the console for future updates, it caused a small percentage of them to start crashing consistently. Chrissy from MaxConsole writes, "This past Sunday I logged on and was greeting with a message that there is a mandatory update for Live, and that I am unable to log onto Live until I perform the Update. I let it go through the process of updating, and once the system rebooted, it immediately froze when hitting the Live Dashboard. Subsequent reboots resulted in the entire unit freezing within 5 minutes."

Her experience is corroborated by this thread at the forums, with four pages (and counting) of 360 owners claiming similar problems. Once again, this is surely a minority of users (mine's fine) but even a 0.01% problem is pretty significant. If you haven't upgraded yet, you might do best to refuse the update if you can live without Live until Microsoft acknowledges a problem or issues an updated patch.

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