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LingoPal Flirta lets your cell do the macking

Evan Blass

We're probably the last people qualified to comment on effective pick-up techniques, especially when it comes to getting our woo-on overseas, but we're almost positive that approaching someone at a bar and whipping out your cellphone to deliver a come-on is a sure setup for failure. Still, it's possible that translation software specialists LingoPal have more game than us, and their new "Flirta" for Java really could be, as the site says, your "wingman when pulling foreign babes." Flirta comes in six different European flavors, and contains speakable phrases specifically designed for the mating routine, which we imagine consist of more than just your standard "voulez-vous couchez avec moi?" fare. Unfortunately for would-be Casanovas, the program offers no tips on when to use which phrase where, so your lack of tact and social grace will be just as apparent in Finnish, Dutch, and Czech as they are in English.

[Via cellular-news]

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