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Metareview - G.R.A.W. (Xbox 360)


Any haters in the house? The early consensus (8 reviews, all 90% or above) suggests that Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter for the Xbox 360 is going to become a prime target for Xbox-loathing fanboys who still think the 360 isn't next-gen. Will they find a kink in the armor? Or did the four-month delay allow Ubi to reach perfection? Here's a glimpse of the praise so far:

  • GameSpot (92/100) - "Advanced Warfighter is the best-looking game to date on the Xbox 360, and it offers exceptional tactical shooting action to back up those great visuals."
  • IGN (92/100) - "You'll be impressed with the stunning single-player game, and when you're done, you'll finally get to play long sessions on Xbox Live with an online game that's fully equipped to deliver a next-gen package. My advice, get this game..."
  • Stuff (90/100) - "Advanced Warfighter on the 360 is so beautiful, we actually dry-humped our conference room TV set."

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