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FRITZ! Mini: WiFi! phone, MP3! player, and! more


German company AVM just announced their new FRITZ! Mini. This handheld device combines a cordless phone and music player with an information service allowing you to view news, weather, and sports reports on the color display. Not good enough, well the handset will also alert you to incoming emails and text messages though how they accomplish the latter is a bit unclear. See, the 802.11g WiFi enabled FRITZ!Box is the key, it acts as a base station and information hub for the Mini by streaming music, information, and both VoIP or fixed-line calls directly to the handset. It doesn’t appear though, that the !Box packs any storage it’s own damned self, but you can slip in a Memory Stick or connect any MP3 player with USB support for playback to the Mini. We’ll hunt one down on the CeBIT floor to see what all the hubbub is ok bub? Expected release in Q3 -- hey isn’t that Robert Crumb we see over at the AVM booth demanding royalties?

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