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Fujitsu Siemens and T-Mobile to sell laptop for $1.19

Marc Perton

It works for cellphones, so why not for a laptop with 3G wireless features? That seems to be the idea behind a new offer from Fujitsu Siemens and T-Mobile in Germany. The companies are partnering to sell a laptop with an HSDPA card for just €1 ($1.19), as long as you sign up for a two-year data plan at €68 ($80) per month plus calling charges. That puts the total cost of the laptop at close to $2,000, which could be a good deal if you were going to buy a new laptop and sign up for HSDPA anyhow; otherwise, you're probably better off picking up a card for your existing computer. Still, Fujitsu Siemens may offer the package in other markets if it's successful in Germany.

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