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PlayStation 3 delay meme part VII: announcement on the 15th? Manufacturing in June?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Seems like the PlayStation 3 meme has further, um, credible developments in the Blu-ray thorn in Sony's side. According to GamesIndustry, apparently Koei head Kiyoshi Komatsu told Japanese press of a yet-unannounced Sony press event in Tokyo on the 15th of this month, and confirmed "some details about the PlayStation 3 might be announced there." (Which, of course, GI followed up with some independent sources corroborating the story.) And if we're to further believe a Chinese technology site by the name of Mydrivers, the PS3 won't begin manufacture until June of this year, as apparently an unnamed COMPEQ (a Taiwanese firm who did circuit boards for the PSP) employee leaked that month as the date PS3 parts begin fab. So, who're you gonna believe (if anyone)?

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