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Rock Xtreme XL, Evesham Quest A630 SLI-enabled notebooks

Evan Blass

If one SLI-enabled laptop is good, then surely two are even better (even if they're essentially the same machine), so the back-to-back introductions of the Rock Xtreme XL (studies show you can't get much more extreme than that) and the Evesham Quest A630 is great news for British gamers. These huge 19-inch behemoths (1680 x 1050 WSXGA display) sport dual GeForce Go 7800GTX 256MB graphics cards running in tandem for serious frame rate action even with game performance features turned all the way up. Both machines are powered by AMD's 64-bit mobile Turion processor running Windows MCE, sport WiFi, Bluetooth, dual-layer DVD burners, and a 1.3-megapixel webcam, and feature five USB 2.0 ports, FireWire, DVI, serial, PC card slot (ExpressCard or not is unclear), SPDIF out and TV-out. UK fraggers can get their hands on either of these graphics powerhouses next month starting around £2200.

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