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3 UK debuts UMTS 3G DataCard with Skype starter kit


Sure, there might be a few carriers that "look the other way" when you use their precious 3G data for VoIP, but 3 UK is flat out encouraging it with their new UMTS 3G DataCard. They're bundling a Skype starter kit with each card, which seems to be a great move, though all that bandwidth you'll be using could prove costly. If you sign up for the £45 ($78 US) plan you can get 512MB of data a month, with the card tossed in for £40 ($70 US), and the plans only get more expensive per bit from there. Still, it seems like a good plan for 3 to drive some demand for their 3G network, even if most networks seem to shy away from taxing applications. The card is available now.

[Via Cellular-News]

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