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Deutsche Telekom, Nokia launch T-One hybrid service

Marc Perton

Deutsche Telekom and Nokia have announced a new service that will allow customers to use the same handset to access VoIP services at home and cellular services when they're on the go. The service, T-One, relies on Nokia's N80 and E60 (pictured) models, both of which are GSM phones that support WiFi. Additionally, customers will be able to use  the WiFi, rather than cellular, service via T-One hotspots, which will presumably save them some cell charges, though we assume it won't save them too much or T-Mobile wouldn't have come on board. Pricing hasn't been announced yet, so we'll have to see exactly what DT thinks all this single-handset goodness is worth -- and whether consumers agree.

Separately, T-Mobile announced a WiFi/cell service that will work with laptops, PDAs and other devices sequipped with both WiFi and cellular data cards. The WiFi component of the service, however, will only be available T-Mobile's hotspots.

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