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MobiBlu DAH-1900 claims longest battery life

Marc Perton

Looks like MobiBlu has trouble releasing a new audio player without some sort of superlative attached to it. After doing their best to hold onto the "world's smallest" crown held by the DAH-1500, the company has now rolled out the DAH-1900, which comes with a new claim, that of the world's longest battery life. According to MobiBlu, the flash player can run for up to 153 hours on a charge. Of course, to achieve that kind of endurance, the player doesn't include the ability to show videos or pics, though it does include an OLED display, an FM radio and support for MP3, WMA and PlaysForSure. A 2GB comes in at $275, which seems somewhat steep for a flash player -- though if you're, say, Richard Branson, and need something that'll run for nearly a week while you're up there in your balloon, it just might be worth it (and, of course, if you're Richard Branson, you're not exactly going to worry about the price).

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