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Sony PS3 press conference this week

Alan Rose

After months of speculation and rumor concerning the PlayStation 3's projected launch, we may finally get some official answers from Sony as soon as this Wednesday. According to Koei CEO Kiyoshi Komatsu, Sony is planning a press conference for March 15 that may reveal long-awaited details of the console's availability. Ferrago is also reporting that a Taiwanese manufacturer won't begin assembling the PS3's circuit boards until the summer.

Given the potential development hassles Sony faces with cell processor and blu-ray drive production, and the fact that developers like Square Enix are still waiting for finalized hardware specs, there's mounting evidence that even a holiday release could be too much to hope for. Will Sony end our fanboy misery and spill the beans on the PS3 launch this Wednesday, or will they wait for Phil Harrison's GDC keynote next week?

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