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HD Tivo - Series 3 release date?

Ben Drawbaugh

As most of you know I can't wait to get my hands on a standalone HD TiVo; also known as the series 3. TiVo's non announcement at CES didn't make me fee any better and I won't be right until they have an official release date I have one.

There still isn't an official release date, but some solid speculation is the next best thing. Thanks to Dave Zatz for making my day, he noticed that TiVo is holding a contest and the winner receives a series 3 TiVo. The really interesting part is that the prize will be rewarded in the September or October time frame and the estimated value of the prize is $1500, including a lifetime subscription. Dave is estimating September 1st and a MSRP of $800. I sure hope he is right, the real question is; will the unit be fore sale when they give the item away? I am not taking any chances and will be voting on American Idol. It will be hard considering I don't watch the show, I supposed I can TiVo the last few minutes of it so I know who to vote for.

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