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Shopping for $900 LCD's

Ben Drawbaugh

Robert Heron writes about his adventures shopping for an inexpensive LCD TV. The bottom line is don't go to Wal-Mart (big surprise) and keep track of the sales when bargain hunting.

Robert does a good job of getting the word out that LCD TVs are falling in price and provides some good advice, but I think he was a little too kind to these inexpensive LCD TVs. He fails to point out the differences between these and the more expensive options. I understand that some people bargain hunt; my mother is the biggest bargain hunter I know. Sometimes she asks me to go shopping with her for electronics and I would love to reply with, "Why do you want me to go when you are just going to purchase the least expensive model?". 

What do you think is the biggest difference between the inexpensive and expensive 32" LCDs and is it worth the price?

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