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Xero Mobile: Gizmondo 2.0?

Ryan Block, @ryan

Oh lord, just when we thought we were finally able to put the horrible nightmarish debacle that was Gizmondo behind us, it looks like we're back for another round. Remember Xero Mobile, that new MVNO that was pre-announced? Well, every MVNO's got its gimmick, and Xero's is apparently giving out free air time in exchange for targeted advertising to your cellphone. Sound familiar? Yeah we thought so: that's what Gizmondo did with Smart Adds, the IP for which they recently supposedly put up for sale. Frankly we wouldn' be surprised if Xero bought said $22.3 worth of IP, too, since it's come to light that three of Xero's principles are Peter Lilley, David Levett, and Rich Clayton, Gizmondo's former head of Smart Adds, Gizmondo's former chief software architect, and one of Gizmondo's US execs, respectively. Did we mention ex-Gizmondo CEO Carl Freer helped Xero raise their supposed $300m of European starting capital? So, um, without being the kind of site that tells you what (not) to do with your money, may we humbly suggest you, er, strongly consider your other options when it comes to choosing your next MVNO?

[Via GigaOm & Techdirt]

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