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Kingston Data Traveler Elite Privacy Edition self-destructing flash drive

Marc Perton

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We know there are plenty of "secure" flash drives out there, but face it: if someone is really determined to get at your data, they'll probably figure out a way. That's where Kingston's Data Traveler Elite Privacy Edition comes in. The 4GB flash drive encrypts all data with 128-bit AES, and then adds an extra layer of security: a self destruct feature. If anyone tries to use a brute-force attack to guess your password, the drive will automatically erase itself after 25 wrong guesses. Of course, if you have a really easy password, and a data thief can figure it out in under 25 guesses, you're out of luck. For the rest of us, this could be a good solution for keeping on-the-go info out of the wrong hands.

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