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USB fan for DIY 360 cooling

Xbox 360 Fanboy o0 Spartan 0o sent us in a shot of his solution for cooling off a steamy 360: a simple USB fan. He explains:

"Buy an inexpensive USB fan, plug it into the rear USB port of the 360, and aim it near the 360's exhaust. I've done a quick test and it really keeps the air moving and the 360 a lot cooler (the air it takes in is not warm, therefore the whole system is cooler). Also, if you are using the USB port for the WiFi adapter, you can plug the fan into an outlet with a USB iPod charger."

Not a bad idea if you have your 360 jammed into a stuffy entertainment cabinet in need of some circulation. We found a similar fan at ThinkGeek for $11, or you might have one lying around.

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[Thanks, o0 Spartan 0o]

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