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FFXI beta players have 13 days left

Jennie Lees

According to 1up, the Final Fantasy XI beta for the Xbox 360 will end on April 2, leaving gamers with just under two weeks of free play from today before they have to think about parting with their cash. The retail release of the game isn't until April 17th, but the switch from beta to retail will be more pleasant for FFXI players than other MMO beta testers.

Unlike in many previous MMOs, the characters created during the FFXI beta will transfer straight across to the retail version of the game, presumably thanks to the game's established release on other platforms. Gamers who have been playing FFXI for free for the last couple of months will now have to decide whether it's worth the cash, or whether the enforced cold turkey before the game's release will be enough to break the habit. Although further MMOs could be in the pipeline for Xbox Live, FFXI remains the only massively multiplayer title on the Xbox 360 platform in the immediate future.

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