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Samsung's "RAZR KILR" A900 reviewed


The folks over at Phone Scoop have put the skinny and metallic Samsung A900 through its paces. While it might not be the most powerful phone around, they think it might resound with business users who want a sexy handset but can sacrifice the multimedia and a bit of battery life. The phone has a solid feel, with a durable hinge and comfortable rounded corners. The keypad is plenty usable, with large metallic keys, but the recessed d-pad makes navigation a bit of a chore. The Phone Scoop guys really liked the QVGA screen, which was readable in bright sunlight, and highlighted the Samsung interface, but unfortunately the phone doesn't do much beyond the basics. Its 1 megapixel camera is a bit slow, and the 50MB of memory constrains the phone from many video captures or Sprint music downloads over EV-DO. The battery life is also a little constraining, at around 2 days under heavy use. Luckily the signal is strong and the phone's sound quality keeps it a good option for those non-conformists who like to talk on their phones.

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