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Verizon FiOS subscribers get CBS shows and VOD

Evan Blass

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The select beneficiaries of Verizon's FiOS fiber optic broadband service have just gotten more exclusive content to hoard over the rest of us (that is, if you call free OTA network broadcasts "exclusive content") thanks to a deal between the Big V and CBS that will bring the network's programming to the nascent IPTV service. Current and future FiOS subscribers will be able to enjoy "analog, digital, multicast and high-definition" content from "CBS owned and operated stations and the CBS Television Network," which not only includes a simulcast of regular TV fare but access to video-on-demand content as well. This may well be the largest IPTV agreement of its kind to date, and should hopefully serve to encourage other content providers to open up their own offerings to Internet rebroadcast too, which would let us finally retire our unsightly old roof antenna for good.

[Via Cnet]

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