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360 firmware hackers speak

Ken Weeks

The curious minds behind that DVD firmware hack are giving interviews. Xboxic had a  chit chat with hacker Robinsod and posted a helpful summary of what they learned:

  • The hack is completely unfit to be applied to a modchip.
  • Anyone selling a modchip based on this is a scammer.
  • Trying to replicate the hack without having multiple years of experience at this kind of things will most certainly brick your 360.
  • Microsoft will quite probably be able to detect fake firmwares very soon as the cat/mouse game commences so you will get your ass kicked out of Xbox Live for the rest of your life.
  • Watch out for brickware. Some moron will release one probably.
Robinsod also answers the skeptics who think their "video proof" is a fake. Meanwhile, TheSpecialist talked to a Dutch Xbox site (translated here) and said pretty much the same thing. Both of these guys say that "hacker ethics" and fear of legal action prevent them from making the full details of their work public.

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