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Sony's getting their S and V HDTVs out the door

Ryan Block, @ryan

If you've happened to have had your eye on one of those new Sony Bravia S or V series LCD HDTVs, today's (kind of) your lucky day. Looks like the S series will see release sometime this month (in Europe, anyway), though the 46-incher will wait until May, as will the rest of the V series. You'll have to pony up between £1,000 and £3,000 (about $1,750 - $5,250) to pick a 32, 42, or 46-inch S up, however, and if you're bent on grabbing a V with Sony Live Colour Creation Technology it'll cost you even more: £1700 to £3,500 (about $3,000 to $6,100). We'd kind of wish for that price we'd at least be snagging a 1080p set, but hey, it's a Sony.

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