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Teclast C150 "dual core" DAP

Marc Perton

We've been hearing a lot about this Teclast "dual core" MP3 player, and we're relieved that someone either understands enough Chinese, knows enough about audio processors, or both, and has provided an explanation of what exactly Teclast is getting at by calling this "dual core" (other than trying to catch a ride on the latest buzzword, of course). Turns out that the C150 has one chip for decoding audio files, and another one for digital audio processing (yeah, we probably could have guessed that on our own, but it's nice to have some facts to fall back on every now and then). The company claims that this reduces interference from the decoding process, resulting in a clearer, cleaner sound. We're a little dubious, since the two chips are still pretty close together in that little box, but we're willing to at least try it out if the player ever makes it out of China. (Other specs include video playback on a 1.5-inch LCD, 512MB storage, line in and FM tuner.)

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