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Griffin Updates PowerMate Driver to v1.6.4

Damien Barrett

I've had my PowerMate for quite awhile and it remains one of the coolest accessories attached to my Mac. It's not quite as spiffy as Hubzilla, who provides me with extra firewire ports, but I use my PowerMate often for volume control while watching TV on my Mac (via a Miglia capture card) or when I'm listening to iTunes. The problem is that since I upgraded my main Mac to Tiger, my PowerMate hasn't been working very reliably. Sometimes it just isn't recognized by the OS and I'm forced to reboot to make it be recognized again. Other times, it drops off after waking from sleep. I love my PowerMate, but it hasn't been as useful to me since my Tiger upgrade.

Today, however, there's hope. Griffin has released an updated driver for the PowerMate which provides better integration with the iLife application suite, GarageBand, and Microsoft Office applications, and also brings universal binary support for Intel Macs. Here's hope that the new driver will help with the problems I've been having. I'll install later tonight and update this post when or if the problem recurs or vanishes.

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