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Metareview - Tetris DS


Everything old is new again. Nintendo brings the classic epic of plummeting blocks and tight squeezes to the DS with brand new modes, Wi-Fi play and cameo appearances by some old friends. For the most part, it looks like Tetris DS has succeeded admirably at balancing the new with the nostalgia.

  • Gamespy (90%) loved the online play, the retro NES visuals and the new modes, but thought less of Puzzle Mode and the ability to infinitely spin pieces.
    "Whether you're playing it online though Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection or with a bunch of friends who are next to you, multiplayer makes the normally awesome Tetris even more awesomer. If, in fact, awesomer were a word." (Sadly, it's not.)
  • IGN (90%) really appreciated the new additions to the established gameplay. "And you haven't lived until you've played ten player Tetris complete with rotation-freezing lightning bolts and piece-shifting banana peels flying between the systems."
  • Gamespot (75%) complains about the infinite spin and the lack of "pure" Tetris mode, but concedes that local multiplayer is a blast (but online multiplayer is "poorly realized"). "But still, it's Tetris, one of the most popular and significant puzzle games ever, and some of the magic that put it in such a venerable position still manages to shine through."
  • 1up (90%) says that despite all the new modes, the game is still just a solid rendition of Tetris . "But at heart, it's simply Tetris, on the go, with online multiplayer and a highly polished presentation. And that makes it a must-have for anyone with a DS."

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