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Microsoft's GDC Lobby Bar (aka: the cash bar)

Located prominently in the middle of the lobby is the Microsoft sponsored "YOU Lobby Bar." Featuring four Xbox 360s, some cushy couches, tables, and of course, booze. This picture was taken early in the morning, so it belies the popularity of the cash bar. Ad-hoc business meetings over reasonably priced mixed drinks or bottled beer is the name of this game.

Note the prominent Microsoft marketing. It's everywhere!

The 360 kiosks all feature Samsung HD panels, but only have whatever demos are available on the drive. Fight Night Round 3 elicits a fair share of oohs and aaahs, as does Burnout Revenge. The kiosks have proven to be very popular.

What we're really here for: the cash bar! That white paper is the price list which, considering the captive market, is surprisingly reasonable. I guess Microsoft knows the quickest way to a developer's heart is through his drinking problem.

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