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Paypal Mobile launches?

Ryan Block, @ryan

We heard it was coming, and now it's (supposedly) here: Paypal's new Paypal Mobile service is apparently up and running, and from what PSFK says there's really not a whole lot to it: you can either text PAYPAL (729725) with the dollar amount and recipients digits (i.e. "send 10 to 2125551212"), or you can do it manually by calling 1-800-4PAYPAL (1-800-472-9725), which is obviously far less exciting. There isn't any official press release we could find on this yet, so caveat emptor, we don't know what (if anything) they're gonna charge you. Oh, and do especially mind your phone from now on, ok? As if using it as an e-wallet didn't scare you enough, now it's linked to all your bank accounts and credit cards.

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